time flies ✈️
May 4, 2021
So it’s been May already.. Summer has arrived, sun is shining again🥤 and 2021 feels like, someone played with the time settings and made it at least x5. Recently, I’ve watched 🍿a video from David Eagleman, who’s the Neil deGrasse Tyson of neuroscience for who doesn’t know him.

He explains the science behind our perception of time 🕐. Basically, when we use our brain actively, we live longer (we perceive more) and when we do automated tasks (like brushing our teeth) we live shorter (perceive less) - so, when you live your days similar, you feel like time flies ✈️; but when you challenge your brain to do new things, what you’d perceive as a day will be longer 🤯. ⁣

The real challenge in this situation is, our brain loves to automate tasks like riding a bike, working etc. so we need to challenge ourselves to change our routines. Yet, I couldn’t care less - if I spend my time fun and happy, I wouldn’t try to make it longer. Here’s the full video ->