Jobs to be done
May 4, 2021
This week I mostly read articles on jobs to be done method. It basically tells couple of things, (I’ll link the spotlight articles) the feeling of the user’s desire to evolve into something is more important than everything.
imo Redbull and Apple do it the best. Redbull creates vicarious experiences via marketing and ads and shines their product as a product which makes someone do extreme things. So, if you want to be a cool guy who do extreme things with lot’s of adrenaline, they create an illusion that, when you use redbull you get one step closer to the guy you’re craving to become.

So, it’s not about personas, or it’s not about the features of the products, but it’s attacking the desires and hopes of people by creating a perception that, the product will move them closer to their transformative goal.

Yet, those methods are not science laws - they’re just practical methods for helping us to build better products by understanding the human nature better. So, I don’t believe in strictly using formulas or functions but taking what it’s trying to tell and pragmatically use when they’re needed.

And lastly, all the above are my take on what I’ve read, not strictly what jobs to be done is putting on the table. And here are the spotlight articles to understand the topic;