Iron Man
Nov 11, 2022
It’s a fun movie to watch. It’s an important film because it’s the first movie of MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). With this movie Jon Favreau set the first piece of a massive movie universe. Before Iron Man came out, super-hero movies weren’t a big much of a hype like nowadays. It’s said that Jon Favreau believed on a continuous universe with Marvel super heroes and insisted on this idea to make Iran Man movie. At the beginning Marvel Studios didn’t really consider this idea but gave him a try and the rest is history.

It’s fast-moving film, including fun and action elements in it. Although it’s pointing out some deep topics like bureaucrats double playing in weapon trade or business partners back stabbing for power or love (at some level), it’s not a movie that’s designed to make you thinks, it’s a movie that’s designed to make you have fun and connected to the individual heroic spirit of the character.

It has some highly illogical parts but the story and the tempo is well structured that the illogical parts are not disturbing. The action sequences were satisfying. Robert Downey Jr. perfectly fit the Iron Man character with his balanced mischievous and serious mood. CGI is high quality.

Overall it’s successfully executed, especially for 2008, kinda ahead of its time.