#DailyUI :: 015, design an on off switch | A mobile on off switch system design for a fictional smart home app.


I really didn’t want to just create a button, rather I want to design an app for the challenge. I also really like interior designs(3d models as well like I used in the project), I follow lot’s of interior design blogs, it’s also a visual design in the end. One of the basic things on turning on and off is switching on/off your light. So, I wanted to create a smart house app. I mostly do 2 screenss for this challenge, but I really liked working on this app, it already started to have a character and it needs more pages. Maybe I’ll continue building this up . Basically, there’s also a middle screen between those two. The user will just see overview on the main screen, then a room or a feature should be selected for details and adjustments.


Main Image: All We Need Is the Arches by Timur Mitin 
Sub Image: Space. by Peter Tarka 
Lamp Image: Skurup by IKEA

  • Purpose

    DailyUI Challenge (Practice)

  • Services

    Smart House